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I've looked at lots of companies online who offer credit card taking facilities and they all say I have to have a Merchant Id. I know this can take weeks and can be costly, what should I do? Also, they don't publish their prices on the internet???
Very simple, with our system it is unnecessary for you to go through the expense, delay, uncertainty and complex applications required for a merchant id. You are up and trading in a maximum of 72 hours and a merchant id is not required. In order to try to obtain your business, companies may tell you it could be more expensive without a Merchant Id, but our 1.98% + 19p visa / mastercard and 0% + 48p debit card transaction rates speak for themselves. You are right to ask why these other companies don't publish their rates online. I wonder why !
Apparently it is customary to wait several weeks for a Merchant ID and there is a good chance the application will get declined after waiting weeks for acceptance. The waiting to find out can be very stressful.
No Merchant Id is necessary and we provide instant acceptance, so no worry about waiting extended periods before finding out you won’t receive the credit card taking facility.
I've heard that the application for the facility to take credit cards involves numerous complex forms.
In order to get you trading within 72 hours, we only require very basic details on signup, takes just a couple of minutes. Once you are trading, we only require simple forms to be filled in WHILST you continue to trade.
On other websites, it’s mostly impossible to find out the setup costs. I know this can often run into several £100’s often with no guarantee of acceptance to take credit cards.
Our signup fee is just £99 + vat. NO hidden charges and we provide instant acceptance.
I've heard that the monthly terminal charges are very high. Wouldn't I need to do a lot of business to warrant these charges ?
Our state of the art online credit card terminal is just £29.95 a month + vat. That includes a full business suite that includes an easy to use website with a secure login facility to drive various parts of your business. The business suite comes with a guarantee that if you can build a comparable package with the same level of functionality for less than £10,000, then you receive your system free for life.
Aren't the charges for taking credit card payments exorbitant?
With some service providers, this may be the case. However, our transaction rates are amongst the lowest globally and are only 1.98% + 19p per transaction for visa and mastercard transactions, whilst debit cards are 0% + 48p per transaction.
This is potentially a big problem. How soon will I be able to access funds that I receive from credit card payments ? I've heard it takes up to 30 days to access these funds.
We provide instant online access to your funds, 24/7, 365 days a year. You do this through your ‘E-Wallet’, which is your secure online personal bank account from where you can transfer your funds to your normal business or private bank account. You simply access your E-wallet through the password protected area of your website which we provide you with. Your E-wallet gives you security of your financial data, Anti-fraud checks on every transaction, Sophisticated risk management, PCI DSS compliant and 256-bit SSL encryption. Typically, a customer pays you money by credit or debit card through your online credit card terminal or your shop checkout. Those funds pass instantly into your E-wallet and then you can instantly transfer funds into your normal bank account. It usually takes 2 working days for cleared funds. You can also apply for the payment solution provider’s MasterCard® prepaid card, which will give you instant access to the funds in your E-wallet - anytime, anywhere. This means a customer pays you by card, the funds pass instantly into your E-wallet, and with the MasterCard® prepaid card you can draw out funds instantly up to certain preset limits.
I've heard that some systems cannot receive a full range of credit and debit cards. What cards can I accept payments from ?
You can take:
  • Visa
  • Mastercard
  • American Express
  • JCB
  • Diners Club
  • Maestro
  • Solo Card
  • Visa Debit
  • Visa Electron
Can I view payments that I have received?
Of course! You have full access to your transaction records and have the ability to administer your funds and details online, 24/7, 365 days a year. You do this through your ‘E-Wallet’, which you access through the password protected area of your website which we provide you with. This gives you security of your financial data, Anti-fraud checks on every transaction, Sophisticated risk management, PCI DSS compliant and 256-bit SSL encryption.
Is it secure to take credit cards over the internet? I've heard a number of stories that indicate otherwise.
Absolutely, our online credit card terminal is PCI-DSI Level 1 (payment card industry) compliant, this is the highest industry standard. All money transactions are secured using Secure Socket Layer (SSL) technology with high security 128bit encryption, certified by Verisign Secured
Is this service 'Chip and Pin'?
No, our service uses the card verification code (CVC) and personal details about the card holder. This is deemed by many to be much more secure.
How easy is your credit card facility to integrate into my business?
Our online credit card terminal is part of a business suite, that includes a fully configurable website which you can either use as a state of the art website if you have no website, or if you already have a website, you just use the online credit card terminal and the E-wallet module which monitors and administers your incoming payments from card transactions and transfer funds to your bank account. You can also use the hi tech online 25 page ‘shop’ where you can offer up to 125,000 different items with full stock inventory control
Can I make refunds against credit card payments I have received?
Yes, if you need to refund any of your clients, in full or partially, this can be done easily through your E-wallet accessed through your online console.
Can I change the bank account I receive payments into? I've heard that this is difficult, once it has been set up.
Yes, you have access to instantly and easily change your bank account details, transfer funds and administer your received payments online 24/7 365 days a year.
Is there a limit to the amount I can take by credit card? I've heard that there is.
There is no set limit to the overall amount you can take by credit and debit card. There is a maximum per transaction you can take of the equivalent of €1,000. When you signup, you will be required to provide minimal information in order to start using this facility, then you may be required to provide some further information to assess the risk if you are taking large sums.
What are chargebacks, I’ve heard they can be a major problem ?
A chargeback happens when a transaction you've initially received payment for is subsequently rejected by the cardholder or issuer and debited back from you. Here are some common reasons why chargebacks occur:
  • You, or your customer, have made an error at the point of sale.
  • A cardholder or card issuing business disputes the transaction.
  • The transaction was made fraudulently by mail, phone or online.
  • You didn't respond to a request for a copy of a transaction in time.
  • It was a duplicate transaction and the cardholder was charged more than once.
  • The transaction was not authorised.
  • The goods or services ordered have not been received.
Am I liable for chargebacks? I’ve heard that some banks require huge collateral or bank guarantees to cover this eventuality to ensure you have the funds to pay your customers back.
Yes you are liable, for one of the reasons above. To ensure that you can cover the amount if a chargeback occurs, a rolling reserve of between 5% and 10% of your turnover is held in your E-wallet whilst you build a good trading history with the payment solution provider. This is also a type of assurance to help reduce fraud by ensuring we support businesses conducting genuine business transactions.